Nathaniel Chua on Diyos at Bayan Schedule

I rarely preannounce my TV appearances, but in this case I wish to invite all of you to watch my participation in a panel discussion on Diyos at Bayan on the following dates:

GMA News TV:

September 27, 2014, Saturday:  12:00 midnight

September 28, 2014, Sunday:  7:00 AM

September 30, 2014, Tuesday:  5:00 AM

GMA 7:

September 28, 2014, Sunday:  12:00 midnight

The topic is about the LGBT issues we face today.  I make this announcement because I finally am able to use a public forum to speak about socio-political and socio-economic issues.

It’s a big part of One Life Only’s advocacy to create a better people for a better country.

Topics like these that concern minority rights are also close to my heart.

Being able to discuss this publicly is part of my continuing efforts to educate people into becoming citizens of greater awareness.

Please watch.