Interview on DZAS

Nathan being interviewed by Rachalle Pimentel for the segment Kapamilya sa Tanglaw Sa Landas Ng Buhay.
Nathan being interviewed by Rachalle Pimentel for the segment Kapamilya sa Tanglaw Sa Landas Ng Buhay.

The founder of this site, Nathan Chua will be interviewed on 702 DZAS AM radio this coming May 18th and 22nd at 7 pm in the radio program Tanglaw Sa Landas Ng Buhay, with Rachalle Pimentel, Ate Deli Jalandoni, and Sister Merlyn Guillermo!  Please do listen!

Mark of This Day

by Nathaniel C. Chua

This is the full text of the speech given during the Alliance Graduate School Graduation Banquet of Batch 2009 on April 5th at the Manila Grand Opera Hotel.

As Neil Armstrong made that historic landing on the moon said, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind…” He then plants a flag symbolizing this moment of greatness in human achievement.

We have recently been witness to the great winds of change. There is no denying the importance of our history today and what our time means for future generations. The world has seen the recent demise of the rigid ideology and angry rhetoric. There is now a groundswell for a new message of tolerance and respect and a renewed search for common ground and common hopes to share. Tonight our message is that we the graduates are prepared for this change to embrace, engage, and effect. This idea that we can have unity in our diversity, and that we are all people of one race serves as the backdrop of our presentation tonight. Whether we are Christian or Muslim, man or woman, rich or poor, brown or yellow, black or white, we all share a common hope. We all weep, we all laugh, we all love, and we all long for peace and prosperity. To put it simply, we need only to go back to our one shared humanity.

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we plant this event as a symbol for an achievement as well as for a new beginning. It is my pleasure and honor to welcome you to the day’s culminating presentation. This is our symbolic gesture in beginning our task of embracing our fellow men and women regardless of belief or background; of engaging in dialogue where dissonant voices converge; and effecting the change we all need for a better humanity. And maybe today during this, our time in history, as we like Neil Armstrong discover new frontiers in our search for other possible homes in other planets, we can also rediscover that we have what it takes to make this wondrous planet we call earth a better place to live. Please give us your attention as we share part of us with you.