Why Are Many Pinoy’s Poor? A Challenge to All Bloggers

I offer this first editorial article to all who may be frustrated and angry at the many injustices that they see around the country.  I challenge all to contribute their opinions to this pressing problem of poverty that continues to be the yoke that many Filipino families bear.  I hope that as we discuss this very important question, we may finally be able to address the problems that we suffer today.

I remember when I was in high school in the late 70’s, my teacher in social studies emphasized the fact (or sentiment), that majority of the Filipinos are middle class.  “We are a middle class society,” as she bluntly and quite firmly remarked.  And for some reason I agreed in my heart that we are indeed so.

As I entered college though, things became different.  Slowly, there was this creeping sense that this notion of the Philippines being middle class was starting to ebb away.  As I looked around the city where I grew up, my surroundings were becoming more congested and the jeepneys started to look ragged and billows of dark smoke fumed out of their tail pipes (a sign that the drivers were now having trouble making ends meet and hardly have the resources to take care of their once proud source of livelihood).  Squatter shanties were starting to become a common sight, strip joints of  all kinds started to line the main thoroughfare that used to be so quiet and unassuming (a sign that our women were starting to look for desperate means to feed their families).

In this editorial section, I would like to ask my fellow bloggers to put in their two cents worth of opinion.  In line with this site’s wish that all would start to think about their lives and their country, I wish to hear from all their opinions about what makes such a rich and beautiful country like the Philippines, poor.  The once proud icon of democracy has now become a mere shadow of what it was in the early post war years.  In this site, rest assured no one will be judged wrong or right.  

I also believe that all solutions begin with asking the right questions.  And until we start knowing what the real questions are, we will forever be left barking up the wrong tree.  Please put down your comments for all the world to see and grapple with this gnawing problem of poverty.