Nathaniel Chua’s Certificates and Diplomas

Here are some of the certificates and diplomas that Nathan Chua has compiled through the years.


Master of Arts in Christian Education Major in Christian Counseling from the Alliance Graduate School in Quezon City.
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts Major in Psychology from De La Salle University in Manila
Diploma for Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Major in Marketing Management earned from De La Salle University in Manila


One of several Dean’s Honors List Awards during Nathan Chua’s studies in psychology at the De La Salle University
Dean’s Honors List earned from the East Los Angeles College in Monterrey Park, California


Certificate of Appreciation for being a Reactor in a Thesis Presentation at the University of the Philippines in Quezon City
Certificate of Appreciation for conducting an Anger Management Seminar at the Polytechnic University of the Phliippines in Manila
Plaque of Appreciation for conducting a workshop on Self-Talk and Self-Image at the Arellano University in Manila
Certificate of Completion of Internship and conducting a workshop on Violent Men at the Sunrise Hill Therapeutic Community, a mental health care facility in Quezon City


Certificate of Completion of workshop about Brief Psychodynamic Therapy with Dr. William Kirwan, Author and Director of the Doctoral Program for Education and Christian Counseling
Certificate of Participation in a workshop about the Primacy of Shame in Christian Counseling with Dr. William Kirwan at the Alliance Graduate School in Quezon City
Certificate of Attendance in The Theory and Practice of Depth Therapy with Dr. Bruce Narramore, Author and Distinguished Professor from various institutions in the United States, founder of Narramore Christian Foundation