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Do you need counseling for depression, anxiety, infidelity, childhood trauma, relationship problems, marital problems, or parenting?

Seek help here!

Nathaniel Chua has a master’s degree in Counseling.  His office is located conveniently at the heart of Metro Manila in Quezon City, Philippines:

CMS Clinic

2nd Floor Back to the Bible Building

135 West Avenue (near EDSA), Quezon City, Philippines,

Telephone Numbers:  (632) 215 5193; (63) 917 855 6287


So if you are looking for counseling help in Quezon City, you need not look very far. Nathan Chua’s office is very near SM City North Edsa, and Trinoma Mall at the corner of EDSA and North Avenue, Quezon City!

Nathan Chua’s Areas of Specialization

Individual Counseling, Marital Counseling, Depression, Relationship and Self-Improvement Seminars, Anger Management, Parenting Advice and Seminars, Personnel Management Problems, Personality Development, Youth Counseling, Adult Victims of Sexual/Child Abuse, Grief Processing

What is One Life Only Counseling?

You are assured your problems and identity will remain confidential.

You will not be judged by your religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference and occupation.

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Are you allergic to emotions? Video

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Emotions: Are they good or bad?


by Nathan Chua

If the title of this blog strikes you as being rhetorical, that’s because most of us believe that a subject like emotions should be uncomplicated and straightforward.  After all, they are derived from the most primitive, and least evolved parts of our brains that we share with other animals.  The answer seems obvious.  Of course, emotions are neither good nor bad.  They’re just feelings after all!  It all just depends on what we do with them.

This could very well be our initial reaction.  However, if we look around and listen to some of the stories we hear, it is not farfetched for me to say that emotions can be extremely dangerous.  In fact, it can even end lives in some instances!  If you have read this far, I am more confident that I now have your attention.  For we hear of killings happening at any given time and place.  The power of emotions to change us for the better or the worse, is more evident when they are of the self-inflicted type.

What is this invisible force that seems to drive us to doing some of the most consequential acts in our lives?  How can something so abstract and invisible force us to do things that we regret, and of course, on the opposite end, things that we end up feeling good about?  Emotions are a big topic in the field of psychology.  It is so significant that there is even a school of thought (theory) that focuses on feelings to initiate change or cause improvements in our mental health.

I won’t have enough space to write a full discussion about emotions.  For this post, I will focus on my experience of how emotions can toss our lives like a salad of irrational moves and decision-making.  From my years of talking to people with emotional problems, I have found that feelings become a problem, when they become, us.  Yes, we can all be walking and talking anger, shame, guilt, sadness, etc.  They become invisible monsters that make us either run away or defend ourselves, sometimes even attack.

Another reason that gives emotions a bad rap, is the way we hide our true feelings.  For most of us, it is very difficult to reflect our vulnerable emotions.  By vulnerable it means that these emotions can be classified as those which show our needier side.  For men, feelings like fear and sadness are often hidden under the safety of anger.  Nothing is going to hurt men if these filthy emotions are tucked away in some deep recess of the soul.  For women, it is most of the time anger that is hidden from view.  For it is culturally less acceptable for women to be aggressive or assertive.

These are a couple of reasons why we often hear people say that they are allergic to emotions.  I will talk more about emotions in future posts.  Until then, take care!


Keeping the Love Strong this Valentine’s Video

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Keeping the Love Strong This Valentine’s

by Nathan Chua

Celebrations and commemorations of love can either work for your relationship, or further drive you apart.  As it is the month of hearts, there’s no better way to celebrate the occasion than to talk about romantic relationships.  For this year, I’d like to come up with something simple and easy to remember.

What is it that men and women really need in a relationship?  Wouldn’t it be neat to come up with just two words that can sum up much of what each gender needs to have a more fulfilling and engaging relationship with their partner?  Let’s start with the women’s number one need.

Women need A for Assurance.

Vows are sacred to women.  The reason behind it is that what women feel most in a bad relationship is fear.  The greatest fear among women is being left alone in a relationship.  It may sound like an oxymoron but yes, women can feel very lonely in a relationship.  Men can get by just doing their stuff and minding their own business and still feel that they have a rock-solid relationship.  Women don’t.

Men need B for Belief.

Yes, nothing makes a man more than a woman in need!  Men need their partners to believe in them.  Their lovers would be the best, if only they were their biggest fans.  There is no other emotion that gets men riled up more than feeling belittled or shamed by the person that is most important to them.

When A and B are absent in a relationship, then the results can be summed up in one word, and you guessed it, I will pick a word that starts with C!  Contempt!

This C usually shows in women who nag, and men who withdraw.  When women get caught in conflict with their partners, they tend to want to engage.  This is what we usually hear about women being nags and constantly complaining about their male partners.

Men on the other hand reflect their C or contempt for their partners by disengaging.  They would rather stay as far away as possible, and wait for calmer moments to arrive.

This results in a chase.  The wife always trying to pry something from the husband, and the husband more often wanting to go to sleep or get away.  Sound familiar?

These are the ABCs of a troubled relationship for lovers or spouses.  Once these symptoms start to show in your relationship, it is time to go to work.  Yes, sorry to kill the romance, but I would have to say that work is involved in relationships.  These little irritants can turn into monsters if they are not taken care of.  Seek help sooner rather than later.  I betcha it can save your marriage.